Tax Levy Review Committee

2021 Schedule
Childrens Services Levy
Mental Health Mid-Point
Indigent Care Mid-Point
Senior Services Mid-Point
TLRC Policy Review

Date    Time                         Event

February 25 1:30pm       CS Levy Agency Presentation                           

March 4 4:00pm             MH Levy Mid-Point Report              

April 20 3:00pm              TLRC Meeting                                                                         

June 1     3:00pm              CS Levy Consultant Presentation                     

June 2     3:00pm              CS Levy Agency Presentation                            

 June 7     3:00pm              CS Levy Public Hearing                                     
June 15  3:00pm              TLRC Meeting                                                                         

*All Meetings will be virtual through Zoom unless otherwise noted

Additional meetings will be added as scheduled


Levy Application Materials

Levy Service Gap Request Form