Hospital Commission

Expiration Date Member Last First   Represents
12/31/2023 Lawrence John Chairman Public
12/31/2019 Carter Roberta   Public
12/31/2019 Crain Cathy   Public
12/31/2021 Rajagopal Pakkiri   Public
12/31/2021 Sammarco Lakshmi   Public
12/31/2021 George Louis   Children's Hospital
12/31/2021 Lippert Wayne Secretary TriHealth
12/31/2021 Davis Robert Assistant Secretary Public
12/31/2023 Bhati Amar   Health Alliance
12/31/2023 Wilson Stephen   Mercy Health Partners



To review requests from health care organizations that wish to finance capital expenditures, including construction and equipment, through the sale of Chapter 40 hospital facilities revenue bonds, and to make recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) about the advisability of such bonds.

Establishing Authority:

BOCC is authorized to construct and lease hospital facilities under Section 339.14 of the Ohio Revised Code.


Not less than three members of such commission shall be appointed to represent the public, and there shall be appointed to the commission one additional member for each participating hospital corporation, and there may be appointed to the commission one additional member for each nonparticipating charitable hospital corporation in the county and one or more members for any joint township hospital district participating under an agreement pursuant to section 513.081 [513.08.1] of the Revised Code. Currently, there are fifteen members of the Hospital Commission, of which six (6) are hospital representatives and nine (9) public members. Vacancies shall be filled by appointment by the board of county commissioners for the unexpired term.


Six (6) years and may be reappointed without limit, provided legal residence is in Hamilton County. The Hospital Commission meets quarterly (January, April, July and October) at Dinsmore & Shohl, 255 E. Fifth Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202. Meetings are open to the public.




Robert Coogan
The Health Collaborative
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Phone: (513) 618-3600
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