Covid-19 Testing

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Test and Protect is a partnership between Hamilton County, The Health Collaborative, 5 regional health systems and one regional University to:

  • Make testing convenient for those that need it
  • Test people at a location that they can get to (somewhere near you)
  • Get results to those tested as quickly as possible
  • Stop the spread by providing positive case information to public health workers
  • Understand the spread of the disease to better protect and improve the health of all people in Hamilton County
  (513) 618-3656

"Testing is one of the main components of our work toward ending the COVID-19 pandemic," according to Hamilton County Health Commissioner Greg Kesterman. "Testing and then isolating positive cases while performing extensive contact tracing is the roadmap to ending this pandemic. Information on these and other testing locations throughout the County are available on our website:"

You may also view other COVID-19 resources on the Hamilton County website.

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